I really needed to get in shape. I had a serious weight gain which was affecting my health. After I got started with Shape Up For Life, I have more energy now than when I started and I’m also starting to see a difference in the way my clothing fits.

Christie Oliver

I joined Shape Up For Life because of the recommendations from my family and doctor due to my high cholesterol and being overweight. Since joined, my cholesterol levels are now normal and I have lost 70 pounds and gain muscle. More importantly, I am healthy, feel better, look better and work better.

Todd Ellis

I’ve gone from a size 24 to size 8. Before I was a real food addict and I’m finally free from my food struggles. The weight loss coaches really know their stuff.

KC, Southaven

I completely transformed my body, got rid of my nasty love handles, firmed up my glutes and even developed well-defined abs.

C. Lewis, Memphis

I wanted to lose weight and increase my energy so I joined the Shape Up For Life program and began my transformation. Using the program I was able to drop fat quickly and had plenty of energy.

Jackie Davis, Southaven

Before starting Shape Up For Life, I would eat pizza for breakfast, fast food for lunch, dinner was most of the same but with a snake of ice cream, then snacking while watching TV until I went to bed. Feeling tired and frustrated, I told my weight loss coach, I’ll do anything!. They structured a diet, cardio, and light resistance plan, introduced me to better food choices and WOW…I’m now lean, and can’t wait to get up in the mornings!

S. Glover, Memphis

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