Why You Should Use A Heart Rate Monitor When Training

The use of a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is one of the most significant training advances in the last ten years.  Using a Heart Rate Monitor will help you to:

  • Bring objectivity to your training program
  • Read your body to distinguish between anaerobic / aerobic training
  • Establish individual benchmarks to your fitness program
  • Identify over training

With each heart beat blood is pushed through your system.  The contraction frequency of your heart is the heart rate (HR).  The amount of blood moved to the cells of your body every minute is the result of the heart rate and stroke volume (HR x stroke volume).  As you increase physical activity your muscle cells require more oxygen and your circulatory system responds by increasing the heart rate.  With aerobic training, the actual amount of blood pumped per heart beat increases.  And, the efficiency of the exchange process at the capillary level improves.  The result is a lower heart rate for any level of physical activity in the trained versus the untrained individual.

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